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Cyber security is something that is constantly on our mind here at Unit. This is because, according to Bloomberg, cyber security related issues costs companies around $400 Billion a year on average.

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Plastic Waste Management Rule 2022.

The Indian Ministry of Climate and Environment adopted a scheme for Plastic Waste Management in order to introduce mandatory Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging Material.

It provides that packaging may only be imported into the Indian continent if it complies with essential requirements in the EPR Regulatory. These basic requirements relating to the design of the packaging, the re-use of packaging, and requirements for recycling. Packaging must be manufactured in such a way that a certain percentage of the materials used can be recycled for the production of marketable products in accordance with applicable community standards.

John Three Sixteen has identified the significance of the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) scheme as a critical policy tool with a track record in holding importers accountable for the end-of-life impacts of their plastic products and packaging, as well as encouraging holistic eco-design in the companies today.

In this way, and by facilitating companies among various provisions and sharing best practices countrywide, John Three Sixteen is promoting and enhancing the adoption of EPR schemes, procuring EPR Authorization, Compliance Management, reducing plastic leakage into the environment, and leading sustainable business modules.

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